KeyArt studio is a digital company, founded by professional game developers. Each of the team members has many years of experience and successful products pleasing their owners!

We provide a full cycle of creating games, solving all the tasks of creating artistic embodiment and game development.


We have our engines for creating games of certain genres, and we can also use clients' engines on their choice.

We can embody your game design or create your own, based on time-tested solutions.

Ask us for more information. We love to discuss games, your games! 

GameDev is King!


Igor Demchenko


CEO, KeyArt co-founder


Igor founded KeyArt studio in 2015 and has come a long way through the positions of Programmer, Lead Programmer, Project Manager, Product Manager, Company Lead. He's got 18 years of experience in software development as a manager, 14 years experience as an Executive Producer. He possesses expertise in creating and operating successful games and the ability to gather around him talented people.

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Dmitriy Belenkiy


COO, KeyArt co-founder.

10-years of business experience in product development, finance, lean startup, prototyping.

His proven professionalism and ability to achieve goals allows the company to produce high-quality products.


Irina Demchenko

CCO, KeyArt co-founder.

Irina has got more than 25-years experiencein strategic marketing & advertising and EMBA of Stockholm School of Economics.

Company management

The Team

KeyArt Studio has a team of 15 full-time employees: concept designers, 3D and 2D artists, animators and developers. A diverse mix of long-time industry veterans, many with years of service at our company. Others are young talents we have very selectively recruited among the top recent graduates in their respective fields.

All artists and animators at KeyArt are top talents, classically trained in multiple areas of study including fine art, animation and movie production. We create outstanding games, work under tight deadlines in a dynamic project environment. ​

The developers have graduated from the top IT universities in Russia, bringing years of experience in software development on various platforms.

KeyArt can expand effectively if a game project need arises. We are continuously hiring, bringing together highly experienced professionals. The members of our team are passionate gamers and enjoy working at the studio! The team has been together for many years, so a strong feeling of support and trust can sense in everything we do.