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How we made a mobile game for GazpromMedia based on TV series with 5 million audience

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

We decided to review our main games and tell you about what we have been working on in recent years.

In 2015, the mobile game "Univer" was created in the story of the famous youth TV series "Univer" (University).

All the game heroes are like the famous actors of the TV series: looks, personalities, lines.

The players have the opportunity to spend more time with their favorite characters.

The characters and the environments are made in 3D art realistic style. The game is developed on Unity engine.

Univer is a meta with dressing up heroes in the locations of the famous TV series. You can equip locations of your choice and play match-3.

Thanks to interactivity, gamer gets more fun and an opportunity to look at his hero in new situations.

The players appreciate the game. 2.5 million downloads and a large number of positive reviews confirm it.

*Gazprom Media is one of the biggest media holdings in Russia. It owns 9 TV channels and have more than 50 million people audience.

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